How the State Grows an Underclass: a Teacher’s Testimony

A teacher who writes about her experience in a Title I school has given us a glimpse of the perpetuation of an underclass. I didn’t see this essay until yesterday, so it is ancient history in internet time. But if you haven’t read it, I think you should. Parts are beautiful but it is mostly enraging and frustrating: “What I Wish I Could Tell Them about Teaching in a Title I School.” I’m in my fifth year of teaching English at a Title I middle school. Title I schools are public schools Read more […]

Baltimore: Whatever Happened to Martin Luther King?

The tactics of Martin Luther King appear to have been completely forgotten. “Protestor #1” – Yo, did you hear what they did to Freddie Gray?!? That ain’t right! Police can’t treat us like no animals. “Protestor #2” – That’s right… let’s go act like animals. Oh, how the nation misses Martin Luther King, Jr! Dr. King never gave an excuse, nor tolerated violence in seeking to right the wrongs of America. He would not have stood alongside the President, our past Attorney General, Read more […]

Was Ferguson on Purpose?

These are fair questions, and the people of Ferguson deserve a truthful answer. Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder says Obama administration must have leaned on Governor Nixon to ignore pleas from Ferguson Mayor to send in National Guard: This essay follows up with more circumstantial evidence that builds a damning case against the Governor of Missouri. I suggest the State legislature has every right—and, in fact, a responsibility—to hold hearings on this matter, and to put Jay Nixon in the Read more […]

Ferguson is about Entitlement, Not about Justice

The entitlement mentality is burning down our world. One thing that is becoming ever so clear about Ferguson is that it is not about race or justice. The video clips of the looters reveals multiple races, not just one. It is about entitlement. You can see this in the conduct prior to the announcement of no indictment and you can see it in the conduct of the protesters after the announcement. First, prior to the announcement, there was a demand for an indictment. It did not matter what the Read more […]

St. Louis Riots are Another Reason to Be Armed

I noticed last night that the St. Louis riots across town from my home caught the attention of Matt Drudge. Sunday night a QuickTrip in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, was robbed and burned to the ground by rioters and looters. Yesterday, violent incidents were reported at the Galleria Mall. There were also various incidents of violence and looting in several locations. The triggering event was a police shooting. Some are saying that the shooting victim was unarmed and was not refusing to cooperate. Read more […]

Food Stamp Shut Down a Sign of Bad Things to Come

“The people are about to riot” is not what you want to hear at the grocery store. Not only is the ObamaCare website a computer disaster, but there was a hiccup in the EBT computer system over the weekend. Reports are coming in that “shoppers left carts of groceries behind at a packed Market Basket grocery store in Biddeford, Maine, because they couldn’t get their benefits . . . The manager put up a sign saying the EBT system was not in use.” Comments from non-EBT shoppers are a little Read more […]

Sanford Florida Bracing for Rodney King Type of Riots Pending Zimmerman Verdict

On March 3, 1991, Rodney King, a black man, was driving on the I-210 Foothill Freeway through a Los Angeles neighborhood.  Two California Highway Patrol officers attempted to pull King over, but he refused to stop and took the CHP on a high speed chase both on the freeway and through neighborhood streets.  The CHP officers estimated that the speeds reached 115 mph. When King finally stopped his car, the two passengers were subdued and placed in police cars.  King was the last to exit his vehicle Read more […]

Liberalism In Sweden Yields Rioting From Spoiled Muslims

We in America certainly have our youth problems. Take a look at the causes and politicians college students sympathize with and you’ll know what I mean. And with the Boy Scouts of America now essentially telling kids to prepare their rear ends (in case you didn’t hear, they’re now allowing kids who are attracted to each other to be showering together and sleeping in the same tents), we’re about to get a bigger youth problem, breeding a whole new, sexually confused and traumatized generation. But Read more […]

Gun and Baseball Bat Control in Great Britain

Great Britain has strict gun control laws. Advocates of gun control believe that these laws cut down on violence and crime. Such laws only empower lawbreakers. Gun homicides were low in the United Kingdom even before gun control laws went into effect. This does not mean that there hasn’t been any gun violence since these laws went into effect in 1977. “Over the course of a few days in the summer of 2001, gun-toting men burst into an English court and freed two defendants; a shooting outside a Read more […]

Where’s Liberal Outrage over Riot and Assassination Talk?

Assassination talk is all around us, and the media are silent or dismissive on the subject. Once again the media double standard is in play. It’s like playing a game in the World Series where the umpires have two rule books, one for each team. An error is a hit for one team, and a hit is an error for the other team. There’s even been talk about riots if Mitt Romney wins. Here are some examples as posted at InfoWars: “If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white Read more […]