NYPD Detective Teaches Immigrant America is Police State

A man made the mistake of doing an ordinary thing in response to a bad driver, not knowing the driver was an NYPD detective. If you were driving along the road and another driver gestured at you, what would you do? Probably nothing at all. If you realized you hadn’t used your turn signal while you tried to park by the road, forcing a driver to go around you, you might make a mental note to be more careful next time. Would you feel you had a right to pull over the driver and harass him for Read more […]

Video Shows Why You Should be Armed in Your Vehicle

When you are armed, you have another option besides begging for help over 911. What would you do if a vehicle was pursuing you, attempting to force you off the road, flashing a badge and purporting to be an officer, and actually made contact with your vehicle? With apologies for the language—this is a real-life situation of total panic for two young ladies who met up with a crazy woman on California’s Highway 80. [Editor’s note: Bob is not kidding. Though we want this blog to be generally Read more […]