DC Most Homosexuals, Most Adulterers, Most Thieves: Is There a Connection?

I’ve always maintained that the reason people are increasing their support for same-sex sex and same-sex marriage is because it allows them to engage in what was once considered to be immoral sexual practices. “If it’s now determined that sticking your penis where the sun down shine is now morally acceptable behavior, then where does it matter where I stick it?” So it’s no wonder that the place where laws are made to stick it to us is the place where they are sticking to one another: “More Read more […]

Bork and Obama: A Great Man Dies, a Bad One Is Awarded

A great man passed yesterday, a man with more wisdom in his cuticles than the next wisest man had in his whole body–the great Judge Robert H. Bork. Bork was a personal hero of mine and a major influence in my understanding of politics, especially in knowing not just what liberals believe, but why they believe the things they do. Bork was nominated by President Reagan to the Supreme Court, but in what the news media would never dream of calling “Democratic obstructionism,” the Democrats obstructed Read more […]