Dennis Hastert Shows Us Why Robert Gates is Wrong about the Boy Scouts

Robert Gates should listen to the sister of (one of?) Dennis Hastert’s victims when considering the Boy Scouts. Since I have recently posted about Dennis Hastert (also here) and about Robert Gates and the Boy Scouts, it seemed appropriate to show you this story from NBC Chicago, which, in my mind, brings them both together. A Montana woman says the FBI interviewed her last month about her allegations that her brother had a sexual relationship while in high school with Dennis Hastert, the wrestling Read more […]

Robert Gates Wants Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals as Adult Supervisors

Homosexual men leading the Boy Scouts should work as well as giving Robert Gates authority over a government agency. We should give Robert Gates a new title: Secretary of Surrender. Fresh from overseeing a grand social experiment at the CIA, and another which has devastated morale—and led huge numbers of top officers to retire—in the United States Military, Robert Gates now seeks to preside over the demise of yet another historic social institution in America: The Boy Scouts. [See also, Read more […]

Robert Gates Says Assad Is Winning; Christian Conservatives Say “Good!”

Hot Air quotes the ever-hawkish National Review: The Obama administration’s handling of the situation in Syria “one of the sad stories of the president’s foreign policy,” according to former secretary of defense Robert Gates. “I think last fall was a real low point where we went in the space of a week from saying ‘Assad must go’ to ‘Assad must stay’ in order to fulfill the agreement sponsored by Putin to get rid of the chemical weapons that Assad had used against his own people,” Read more […]