Unseen Victims and Robin Williams

Here is a question for you, the reader.  Should the focus of our efforts be only on getting the lost “saved”, or should we be as concerned for those being damaged by the sinful behavior of others? No one exists inside a vacuum.  The idea that our actions do not impact others is foolish and immature. Liberty can be that way.  Unchecked, it will ultimately succumb to licentiousness. Licentiousness, according to the dictionary, is “lacking legal or moral restraints; especially in regards Read more […]

The Robin Williams Suicide: Do We Really Want to Avoid All Moral Questions?

This post is not so much about the Robin Williams suicide as it is about how we are posting about it online. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of Robin Williams, but rather that he was an institution for me growing up—starting with my viewing Mork and Mindy as a child. Since this is a conservative blog I will mention that I vaguely knew that Robin Williams was a Leftist, but had never thought about how much. I guess that is just as well. It is a lot easier to be entertained by someone when you don’t Read more […]

Robin Williams, the King of Comedy when the Fools Have Changed Sides

The HBO specials of Robin Williams first showed me how absolutely hilarious comedy could be–how brilliant it could be, and brave. It, along with blues, leading to jazz, leading to rock and roll, might be the quintessentially American art form. It has only grown in influence since the heyday of Robin Williams: SNL and then later Stewart and Colbert became astonishingly influential in the way they changed what CS Lewis called our “stock responses” to various issues. Ridicule became the power Read more […]