Eight Ways Robots Keep Us Rich Or Will Make Us Richer

Here they are: Getting stuff from Amazon will stay within the price reach of consumers thanks to robots. Fast food will stay affordable due to automated touchscreen ordering. Clothes are coming more cheaply through the internet. Aldi’s quarter-return machines (not really robots, but that’s not my fault) mean prices can be lower because there is no cost to hire a worker to collect carts. Robots can drive trucks and thus keep the price of transport down. Farm equipment can be robot-driven Read more […]

Teachers Don’t Want To Be Common Core Robots

I’m not a great defender of most teachers because I’m not a great defender of the public school system. But I have to admit that, if this description is at all accurate, then Common Core seems like it would completely discourage all teachers and make their job performance even worse. Some of the biggest critics of new lesson plans aligned with the national Common Core standards are the people charged with teaching them. A growing number of teachers say the national standards, adopted by some Read more […]

Morgan Freeman Believes Robots Will Evolve Like Humans

In an episode of “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman,” Morgan Freeman suggests that robots may be the future of human evolution (Season 4, Episode 6). A “what” didn’t conceptualize and build the robots. Robots have not evolved like evolutionists claim chemicals, with no design, information, or intelligent purpose, evolved into what we see in the world today. Humans designed and built the robots. Robots are far less complex than humans, and yet evolutionists swear on their science Read more […]