Minnesota High-Speed Rail Is Welfare Handout to Crony “Capitalists”

The proposed Minnesota high-speed rail system is supposed to connect Rochester and the Twin Cities. If people really need a fast connection between Rochester and the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, then someone would invest in the land purchases or easement rights, build the rail, and profit from the sale of tickets. If there isn’t enough money to be made to support such a venture, then there is not enough demand for the high-speed rail to justify its construction. More importantly, Read more […]

DJs Fired for Public Blasphemy: Transgressing the Transgender Scam

When people are said to gain health benefits, it implies they never had access to a doctor before. Thus, it is fundamentally dishonest to say the city of Rochester has decided to give health benefits to transgender city employees. Those employees have been enjoying the same benefits as everyone else. What they really mean is that now a person can suffer delusions of being the opposite sex (or pretend to do so) and then get their mutilation paid for as a health benefit. And if you point out the Read more […]