The Conspiracy behind Pope Francis?

A Cardinal admits to his participation in the “mafia” that was successful in pushing the election of Pope Francis. As an outsider to all things Roman Catholic (other than the ancient Trinitarian Faith), I have no idea what is involved in selecting a Pope once the previous Pontiff has died or (rarely) resigned. But I think people naturally want to believe, whether they are Roman Catholic or not, that the decision is made in some sort of “spiritual” manner rather than being a hard-fought Read more […]

Does Anyone Remember When the Roman Catholic Church Used to Oppose Abortion?

If only the Roman Catholic Church had a leader who could confront the White House over dismembering babies and trafficking their organs. The Roman Catholic Church was once the pillar of anti-abortion advocacy. What happened to that? Here is the headline from Bloomberg: “Obama to Bask in Pope’s Aura, But Francis Wants Planned Parenthood Defunded.” Just kidding. The real headline: “Obama to Bask in Pope’s Aura, But Francis Wants Economic Justice.” The pope wouldn’t recognize “Economic Read more […]

Conservative Pushback against Pope Francis?

Has Pope Francis provoked a conservative Roman Catholic counter-revolution? Tad Cronn asked awhile back if Pope Francis is the most dangerous man on the planet. It seems some conservative Roman Catholics might be seriously considering answering “yes” to that question. asks in a headline, “Is the Pope Facing Open Rebellion?” Pope Francis’ statements on everything from abortion to annulment have helped transform the public’s view of the Catholic Church. As for actual changes Read more […]

Guy Wants to Marry His Boyfriend and Destroy Catholic School

He expected to keep his job (he claims) as a Catholic school teacher even when he announced his plan to marry his boyfriend. Does a Catholic school have a right to exist in the United States? Just before the Supreme Court invented the right to fake marriage between two men or two women (or more?), I posted about the question: “What Happens to Christian Schools when SCOTUS Creates Same-Sex ‘Marriage’?” The answer is coming fast. One guy says that the Federal Government has the Read more […]

CNN Claims the Pope Has Hurt Republicans. Doubtful.

Why should a pope spouting global warming propaganda hurt Republicans more than Democrats are hurt by abortion? It is pretty clear that Pope Francis is a socialist who is trying to undo the good that Pope John Paul pursued during his time holding the Roman Catholic office. But the media is trying to pretend that the pope could actually hurt Republicans. That makes no sense. CNN Politics blared the headline: “Pope hands GOP climate change dilemma.” Republicans eyeing the White House Read more […]

Pope Francis Should Show Some Humility Before Capitalism

The Roman Catholic Church has done amazing good in the world. One thing I would credit the institution for is teaching the Ten Commandments in Western Europe effectively enough to plant the seed of the rule of law and private property so that capitalism could bring prosperity to the world at a level never witnessed before in human history. I guess the Pope is not interested in taking credit on behalf of his denomination. Pope Francis is a published author of a major work for the first time under Read more […]

Pat Buchanan on AWOL Pope

Let me begin by saying I’ve loved a bunch of things Francis has said and done… he has wonderfully focused people on the needs of the marginalized and downtrodden. In other ways—and perhaps through a failure to grasp how easily words can be misconstrued—he’s left me shaking my head with statements that seem to minimize the need for adherence to what is true and good. (It also appears his economic views owe virtually everything to leftist nonsense, and very little to revealed truth.) It’s Read more […]

Huffington Post Helps to Rewrite Homosexual History

Finding justification for perversion is a full time job these days. Consider John Boswell, an admitted homosexual who died from AIDS. For years Boswell had been trying to prove that homosexuality is supported by the Bible. He tried to make a case for homosexuality in his poorly argued Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality (see my critique here). Boswell entered the debate a second time in 1994 with Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe. In this bit of revisionist historiography, Boswell Read more […]

Andrew Cuomo Should be Excommunicated

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s a practicing Catholic. He attends church with his live-in girlfriend, supports abortion on demand, and pushed for the legalization of homosexual marriage. Gov. Cuomo’s latest directive is to make abortion on demand even easier to obtain in the Empire State by enacting the Reproductive Health Act that he says will “protect a woman’s freedom of choice. . . . Because it’s her body, it’s her choice.” The governor and his legislative lemmings just passed Read more […]