ACLU Sues Catholic Hospitals to Force Them to Abort Babies

The government should force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions; that’s the ACLU version of civil liberties. We were given notice by the ACLU that, now that same-sex “marriage” supposedly exists and is a civil right, they didn’t believe in freedom of religion or freedom of conscience, anymore. In fact, they just don’t believe in freedom, period. According to CNS News, “ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital System for Refusing to Perform Abortions.” The American Civil Liberties Union Read more […]

Does Anyone Remember When the Roman Catholic Church Used to Oppose Abortion?

If only the Roman Catholic Church had a leader who could confront the White House over dismembering babies and trafficking their organs. The Roman Catholic Church was once the pillar of anti-abortion advocacy. What happened to that? Here is the headline from Bloomberg: “Obama to Bask in Pope’s Aura, But Francis Wants Planned Parenthood Defunded.” Just kidding. The real headline: “Obama to Bask in Pope’s Aura, But Francis Wants Economic Justice.” The pope wouldn’t recognize “Economic Read more […]

Conservative Pushback against Pope Francis?

Has Pope Francis provoked a conservative Roman Catholic counter-revolution? Tad Cronn asked awhile back if Pope Francis is the most dangerous man on the planet. It seems some conservative Roman Catholics might be seriously considering answering “yes” to that question. asks in a headline, “Is the Pope Facing Open Rebellion?” Pope Francis’ statements on everything from abortion to annulment have helped transform the public’s view of the Catholic Church. As for actual changes Read more […]

Roman Catholic College Attacks Evangelical College

The athletic department at a Roman Catholic College has canceled all sports matches with Gordon College because the school teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. We have posted about Gordon College before. It is a Christian college that is about to be stripped of its accreditation for daring to teach and expect teachers to uphold Biblical teaching about sex and marriage. For more see these posts: So It Begins: Christian College Loses City Contract; Accreditation Threatened Accreditation Read more […]

Catholic Bishops Bless Massachusetts Gun Prohibitionists

Four Roman Catholic bishops have issued a letter about “the Act Relative to Gun Violence” recently introduced in the Massachusetts legislature. They write: The Roman Catholic Bishops of the Commonwealth are in support of adjustments to existing firearm laws. Any law that would address the role that violence, some mental illnesses, and substance abuse play in many tragedies involving firearms would be a welcomed advance in this area of the law and would be a great benefit to our society.  It Read more […]

Pope Advocates Theft as Public Policy: “Legitimate Redistribution”

I don’t know what the Pope thinks he is doing. But I know what he is doing, objectively, no matter how many wonderful rationalizations he may have spinning inside his brain. The Pope is claiming that God will bless the current corruptocracy that is ruining the nations of the world and wants everyone to submit to it as a righteous social order. Here’s the quote from South Carolina’s The State: He said a more equal form of economic progress can be had through “the legitimate redistribution Read more […]