Even The Romneycare State Can’t Get Their Website To Work

Back when healthcare.gov was first blowing up, we often heard that the only problems were with the states that had not built their own healthcare exchanges. The implication was that it was really the fault of Republican governors and Republican state legislatures that the website was crashing so badly. But the states have been having troubles too! Consider Massachusetts. According to Politico: Massachusetts’s experiment with health reform — led by Gov. Mitt Romney in 2006 — has long been Read more […]

If You Voted For Romney To Get Rid Of Obamacare, His Presidency Would Have Disappointed You

The New American covers Mitt Romney’s recent interview with David Gregory on “Meet the Press, in which he admitted that health insurance, after Romneycare, became more expensive in Massachusetts than in any other state. Despite all these negatives — not to mention the fact that Romneycare has caused such high healthcare costs in Massachusetts that the state has imposed price controls on healthcare — Romney still stands by his law as the right plan for Massachusetts, and possibly for the rest Read more […]