More Control Freak News – School Sends Girl Home for Red Hair

When I first saw this story, I assumed the girl had surprised teachers and faculty with some new exotic color of her hair. It bothered me that she simply looked like a redhead, not some impossible purple- or green-headed mutation. Is red hair distracting? WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL But it turns out that she has attended school with this same hair color for years! The Huffington Post reports, Hayleigh Black was all ready to start the new school year in her homeroom Read more […]

Frostbitten Girl: How Totalitarianism Will Make You A Crueler Version Of Yourself

The saying in some exercise circles is that you can become a stronger version of yourself. And it is true that if you do the exercises, and regularly immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to exercise, barring injury, you will tend to become a stronger version of yourself. Likewise, if you live in a cramped isolation chamber, you will degenerate. Sometimes chambers are constructed not by literal walls but by rules. Thus, CBS Minnesota: A ninth-grader says she has frostbite after Read more […]