Donald Trump, Alex Jones, and Rupert Murdoch Agree on Pausing Syrian Refugees

The video above is from Alex Jones’ Infowars. It defends Donald Trump’s position on the refugees and shows that people in the Obama Administration admit that we don’t have a way of vetting them. The video is especially good because it points out the absurdity of Huma Abedin presenting herself as a positive example. But consider another person who has spoken up in defense of Donald Trump: Has Trump gone too far? Regardless, public is obsessed on radical Muslim dangers, Complete refugee pause Read more […]

Rupert Murdoch, “Immigration Reform” Cheerleader for Congress to Defy Voters

I am tired of saying this but I am forced to repeat it every day. There is no mandate for “immigration reform.” There is no silent majority waiting for it. People don’t care about it. Read the Gallup Poll for yourself (one of many). Only three percent of the people of the country think that immigration is a major problem for the nation. That includes both people who want “amnesty” and people who want the borders shut. Sadly for us, some portion of that minority is the ruling elite in Read more […]

Ironic Headlines Of The Day: Murdoch’s Reporters On Trial For Acting Like NSA

From the Bloomberg Businessweek website: LONDON (AP) — They were once two of the most powerful people in the British media, senior executives for media mogul Rupert Murdoch and associates of Prime Minister David Cameron. Former News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson were going on trial Monday, along with several others, on charges of hacking phones and bribing officials while at the now-shuttered Murdoch tabloid. Both arrived early at London’s Central Criminal Court for the Read more […]

Another Brick in the Holocaust Memorial Wall

I remember the first time I saw Gerald Scarfe’s work. He was the cartoonist responsible for all the animated sequences in the movie version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I don’t remember hardly anything from  that movie but his part in it: the shadowy gollum-like creature with a gas mask for a head; the pompous, towering butt-cheeks-for-lips judge; the goose-stepping hammers. His work in that movie was disturbing, grotesque… nightmarish. Since I saw that movie, I haven’t really heard Gerald Read more […]