Jesus on the Sabbath

What does the Gospel tell us about the Sabbath? Wednesday morning headlines in the Capital newspaper read, “Controversial candidate Peroutka wins council seat.” Now what is intended, I believe, on the part of those crafting such language is to proclaim that although a victory was won, it was not a good thing; or another way to say it is the voters made a bad choice. But is it a slam to be controversial? In an age of evil, in a land that is increasingly degenerate, to be considered controversial Read more […]

Which Day? The Legislation of Morality

Every law is the legislation of morality. When people deny this is so, they usually are confusing the terms. Yes it is true that we cannot change someone’s heart, we cannot force them to faith in Christ by legislation, yet every piece of legislation crafted is expressing that one thing is right and something else is wrong.  One thing is just, something else is unjust.  One thing is good and something else is evil.  It is all an expression of the values of the legislator. I am amazed that Read more […]

False Gods Are Tyrants that Never Give Rest

Our culture is bound by many tyrants that never give rest to the weary. Ideas have consequences, and especially false ideas about God. The god of a particular culture is that entity which is above the law because it is the ultimate source of law. It is that to which all allegiance and loyalty is due. If that one to whom all loyalty is due is not the One True God, the God of the Bible, then that culture is worshiping an idol. As I listened to a candidate for County Executive this week, Read more […]