Western Media Blames Capitalism For China’s Damage To Families

China has passed a law that allows parents to sue their adult children if the children don’t visit them often enough. The law is an interesting one, but what grabbed me was the way the Western media reported on it. Here is part of the AP story: “A rapidly developing China is facing increasing difficulty in caring for its aging population. Three decades of market reforms have accelerated the breakup of the traditional extended family in China, and there are few affordable alternatives, such as Read more […]

Illegal Amnesty Is America’s New Vietnam

Once again the cowards running our government are more concerned with winning elections than the health of our nation. Amnesty is no longer a dirty word and Latino’s are breaking out the maracas in preparation for a grand celebration. All across America free phone loving aliens are counting the days until they can legally join the entitlement culture and reap the unearned benefits of a nation in economic ruin. It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that overnight legalization of millions of Latino Read more […]