Today, New Hampshire Cops Have New Excuse for Revenue Collection

If you use your mobile phone while driving, New Hampshire cops can shake you down for $100 on “first offense.” I read a pretty amazing editorial in the New Hampshire Union-Leader yesterday: “The cellphone ban: Fines for endangering no one.” Beginning tomorrow, it will be illegal to “use” any handheld device while in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that is on a public road in New Hampshire. You do not have to be driving to get a ticket under this absurd, knee-jerk reaction of a law. What Read more […]

Proof that People Believe in the Second Amendment: They Want Armed Neighbors

More important than personal gun ownership, the Second Amendment is upheld because people want their neighbors to own guns. Not everyone owns a gun. But that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the Second Amendment. A person who was not raised with guns is going to have reservations about bringing one into the house. If he lacks the experience and feels like he needs training, that will make him hesitate. Guns are also very expensive. So the number of private gun owners in America is Read more […]

Joke About Ebola, Get Visited by Scary, Costumed People

Word to the wise: you should not joke about Ebola or about visiting Africa in the recent past—especially if you have just sneezed. Remember, folks: Airplanes and airports are NO HUMOR ZONES! [See also, “Private, For-Profit, Company Fighting Ebola Successfully.”] A passenger sneezed, and joked that he had just come from Africa. This video shows what happened next (especially at 1 minute and 40 seconds and following). Once we landed in Punta Cana we were told by the flight attendants Read more […]

It’s Official: We Just Torture Parents Now

A mother left three small children in her car. So now she’s facing criminal charges: “cruelty to children.” Makes sense right? Leaving a child in a car is a way to kill them. Any parent who would do such a thing must be horribly negligent. Such parents should be prosecuted as criminals in a civilized society. Except this Rock Hill, South Carolina mother didn’t leave them in the heat. She left them in a running car with the air conditioning on. But that is still evil. Someone might Read more […]

Detroit Hockey Arena More Important Than Residents’ Safety

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the financial problems facing Detroit and their attempt to file bankruptcy, only to have it blocked by a misguided judge.  After facing over 50 years of Democratic leadership, Detroit is facing a debt of $18 – $20 billion.  Their situation is so bad that: 40% of the streetlights don’t work 210 of the 317 public parks have been permanently closed Nearly 1/3 of buildings are abandoned It takes police nearly an hour to respond to a 9-1-1 call Some Read more […]

Abortionist: Abortion Is Safer Than Childbirth

Last year, I was able to attend my county’s GOP convention, which was one step in the nominating process where we all were required to “get behind” the chosen one, Mitt Romney. (What’s the point of having a “democratic” nominating process when the outcome is pre-determined?) At my county’s convention, I sat across from an aged OB doctor. I was rather surprised that he was at the Republican convention given his opinions on contraception and children. I don’t know his stance on abortion, Read more […]

Study Finds Entirely Irrelevant Fact That Shooters Don’t Target Gun-Free Zones

A column at is taking aim at the notion that those who commit mass shootings specifically target gun-free zones because they know that law-abiding citizens will respect the signs telling them no guns are allowed on the premises. The author of the piece, Mark Follman, cites ongoing studies that he and others have been publishing at “Among the 62 mass shootings over the past 30 years that we studied, not a single case includes evidence that the killer chose to target Read more […]

TSA Propaganda: Sometimes We Do Something Right!

So here’s the story: “TSA screeners confiscated 19 firearms at Indianapolis International Airport in 2012.” “More than 1,500 firearms were confiscated at airport checkpoints in 2012, according to a new report from the Transportation Security Administration. TSA spokesman David Castelveter told CNN  TSA screeners found an average of four weapons per day last year. A TSA spokesperson told RTV6 19 firearms were found at Indianapolis International Airport checkpoints in 2012. Fifteen of the Read more […]

Texting-While-Driving Laws are Just Money-Making Measures

Huron, South Dakota has banned texting while driving. In this new city ordinance, they’ve also banned “distracted driving,” which includes anything from eating to reading while driving. In addition, the rule prohibits those with learner’s permits from talking on a phone while driving. Obviously, such habits are dangerous, risky and irresponsible. They’ve been the cause of many deaths, injuries and embarrassing YouTube videos. But such a law will surely be abused by over zealous police Read more […]