Utah Forces Victim to Pay Huge Fee to Sue the Police

A man wants to sue the Police Department for killing his dog. To do so he is going to have to pay a lot of money. When police were searching for a missing child they shot Sean Kendall’s dog and killed him. Kendall was not happy about the way his dog, Geist, died. Salt Lake City offered him ten thousand dollars as the going rate for having the police break into an innocent man’s backyard and shoot his dog. Kendall did not think that was right and he refused the settlement. But it turns out Read more […]

Ferguson and Salt Lake City

The riots in Ferguson are a bitter reminder of the chaos in Salt Lake City early last month in a chillingly similar case: An unarmed man was shot and killed by a police officer in August. The President and Attorney General spoke out. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson hopped a plane to rev things up and lead protests. Wait… other than the shooting, none of that happened: No riots, no Presidential meddling in a local law enforcement issue, no racially-charged debate, even though the individuals Read more […]

Walking Away from Police Warrants Execution?

You can watch part of the execution here: Here is the “frame by frame” commentary by the District Attorney explaining why it was OK to kill a man on the spot for walking away from police. Twenty-year-old Dillon Taylor was unarmed. He was never a threat to any of the police or anyone else. According to the Free Thought Project: On August 11, Taylor, his brother, and his cousin were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect who had allegedly been Read more […]