Under Obamacare, Hospitals and Courts Overrule Parental Authority

Parents be warned!  Under Obamacare guidelines, doctors and hospitals can usurp your parental authority, dictate what medical treatment your child will get and if you don’t like it, they will have your child taken away from you, and in some cases the courts are siding with the hospitals. Jacob Stieler, son of Ken and Erin had cancer as a young boy and was treated.  At age 9 he had been cancer free for a year.  With no signs of cancer on any tests, the state ordered Jacob to undergo another Read more […]

California Child Protective Services Faces Audit After Stealing Baby From Parents

In April I reported about Sammy Nikolayev, the five month old son of Alex and Anna Nikolayev.  Sammy is the first child of the young couple and he was born with a heart murmur.  The parents took excellent care of Sammy and kept all of the necessary doctor appointments. In April, Sammy developed flu-like symptoms so Anna took him to the doctors at Sutter Memorial Hospital where he had been seen regularly.  On previous visits to Sutter, Anna says that some of the care had caused her concerns, Read more […]