Will Michelle Obama Tell You What You Can Feed Your Children?

I’m amazed that liberals are all about “My body – My choice” until they get into power. Then they want to dictate what we can eat and drink. It’s one thing to recommend what we should eat, but it’s another thing to pass laws to force us to eat in a particular way. Then there’s the problem of what the government-controlled food policies say we should eat. The government has been pushing a low fat diet for decades. And what have been the results? More fat people. In an attempt to Read more […]

Are Blacks Racist if they Vote for Obama because He’s Black?

Conservatives aren’t the only ones who are questioning the black vote these days. When Stacey Dash, who is black and Mexican, came out for Romney, she was attacked for rejecting her black heritage. She was called an “Oreo” (black on the outside but white on the inside), a “jigaboo” (a weak and servile black), and additional racial epithets. The consensus among outspoken blacks is that a black must vote for Barack Obama because he’s black. Jesse Washington, writing for CourierPress.com Read more […]