Does the State Want to Help the Poor or Fine Helpers?

Liberals insist that the state is more trustworthy than private society to help the poor. But the evidence leads in the opposite direction. Supposedly, the state can be trusted to defend, protect, and provide for the poor. That is the Liberal creed. But what are we to say then when we find over and over again that the government attacks and punishes those who provide for the poor out of volunteer contributions that don’t come from the government? One theory: Perhaps there are certain groups Read more […]

Hysteria Much? Dems Call Tea Party “Radical Terrorists.”

Calling the opposition “radical terrorists” or “a terrorist organization” is proof of hysterical hate. We need to remember that, while the press pretends Republicans are the “haters,” they only do so by projecting the Democrat mindset onto conservatives. (Thanks to Ian Tuttle at the National Review blog for bringing this to our attention.) Here is a translation provided by the Hispanic Federation of Texas Republicans: These two flags represent friendship, liberty, opportunity Read more […]