Jackson Jr’s 30 Month Sentence Reflects Privileged Status

If you were caught stealing $750,000 and convicted of the crime, how much time in prison do you think you would receive?  In most states, a felony of this magnitude would result in a 10+ year prison sentence. Do you think any of your family or friends would have enough power or connections to get you a lighter sentence?  Or let me ask you, do think that someone in a position of power or influence should get a lighter sentence because of who they are or the position they hold?  What about a Read more […]

Former Rep Jesse Jackson Jr Heading to Prison

In 2011, Judicial Watch posted a list of the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for the year.  Number 6 on the list was President Barack Obama.  Ahead of him at number 5 was the Rep Jesse Jackson Jr, son of the infamous civil rights preacher Jesse Jackson. Jackson Jr is not the brightest apple in politics, but considering the tree he fell from it’s no surprise.  In 2011, he urged Obama to declare a national state of emergency and enact his jobs plan.  His plan was for the federal government Read more […]