Cops: Our Right to Privacy Violated because We Failed to Disable Cameras before Breaking the Law

Police are claiming that footage of them using marijuana is a violation of their right to privacy. Back in June Mark wrote about a raid of a marijuana dispensary. The first thing the police did after clearing out everyone else is disconnect all the security cameras. But they missed a couple. The next thing that happened is that they appeared to be eating food they found on the site. The dispensary sold marijuana edibles. It appeared that the police were getting high on the substances that were Read more […]

Marijuana Raid Lets Cops Munch on Marijuana Edibles?

Should a marijuana raid be a party? The Orange County Weekly has posted three videos along with a report. The videos seems to show cops who raided a marijuana dispensary eating some of the treats that are dispensed there, getting rather relaxed, playing darts, and sitting around telling jokes. It is possible that they just happened to bring snacks with them to the raid and just felt relaxed that day, but it certainly appears that they are getting a bit stoned. The footage was obtained because Read more […]