Terrorists Win: Media Self-Censoring to Avoid Offense

Having seen publishers killed, the media is now caving into terrorist demands by self-censoring. The First Amendment promises that speech will not be restrained or abridged by the government, but when criminals threaten you then it is assumed that the government’s job is to protect you from harm and thus protect your freedom of speech from others. What this means is that, when someone’s speech is attacked the government has a choice: either vigorously protect the speaker/publisher from Read more […]

Thanks to TSA Incompetence Mother Delivers Healthy Baby

Without TSA incompetence that baby would have had to stay attached to the umbilical cord. From the Dallas News (business section, oddly enough): “Oh, baby! Southwest Airlines says it picked up an extra passenger during flight.” Southwest Airlines has put out a statement about a baby born aboard a Southwest flight Tuesday. Here’s its statement. Southwest Flight #623 from San Francisco to Phoenix safely diverted to Los Angeles when a baby was born shortly after takeoff from San Francisco. Read more […]

Report: President Obama Unilaterally Suspends 22nd Amendment

Barack Obama announced today that by Executive Order #13666 he has hereby suspended the 22nd Amendment, wisely saving the nation the costly and unnecessary expense of holding future elections. Press Secretary Jay Carney immediately touted the massive, deficit-shaving implications at a press conference in the White House Briefing Room. “Corporations and individuals will no longer have to waste time figuring out which candidate to buy, “ said Carney. “The President also plans to institute Read more […]

Mrs. O’s Rap: Beat Your Hoes, Eat Your Veggies

The majority of rap music, to the extent that muttering unintelligible profanities to a computer-generated drum pattern can be considered music, is written and recorded by low-IQ individuals for the listening pleasure of other low-IQ individuals, usually criminals in the former case and delinquents in the later. Michelle Obama, the Mother of America with an evident prejudice against fatties, is venturing into the world of rap, no doubt figuring that such an uneducated listener base will be most Read more […]

Brainstorming In The Oval Office

President Obama (laughing): …so I said to the guy, “Hey, don’t blame me. Why don’t you ask George Bush what that smell is!” Vice President Biden (boisterous): Good one, sir, that makes my sides literally split!  Obama: I’m a pretty funny guy, Joe. Biden: And y’know, for a black guy, you certainly are bright and articulate!  Obama: I know. I wrote two books about myself to prove it. Biden: Clean, too!  Obama: Thanks, Joe. It’s a helluva body scrub I use. [Two nameless officials Read more […]

BOMBSHELL: Mayor Sarah Palin Denied Police Protection To Family, Resulting In Their Murder

[NOTE: make sure you read the full post to the bottom] If Sarah Palin had any 2016 presidential aspirations, this story might deal a significant deathblow to them. It begins in Wasilla, Alaska, in late 1998, when a family of four–a single mother and her three daughters–began, according to police reports, receiving untraceable, sexually perverse telephone calls from an unknown man. Over a period of six weeks, the calls became more frequent, and so the mother requested and received from Read more […]