Jimmy Carter Advocates Taxing Carbon Dioxide

Jimmy Carter is no climate scientist, but he acts like simply assuming an alleged consensus is all the authority he needs. In a world where the claims of global warming have been dismantled and the climate change believers are already practicing censorship, where major governments are refusing to cooperate with the scam, the few times counter-evidence is acknowledged it is always discounted, and idiotic pseudo-science is promulgated in mainstream news by degreed scholars, we are supposed to submit Read more […]

Just Another Lie Revealed in the Lie of Manmade Climate Change

Is there any aspect of modern government that is not tainted by rank dishonesty? They steal and counterfeit ever-increasing amounts of money—give boatloads of the plunder to their friends and allies—and co-opt and bribe debauched professionals and scientists, making them the priests of their oppressive religion. Yet one more reason government needs to be very small, and heavily constrained. Global Warming/Climate Change is a load of garbage, as stinky as Barack Obama’s many proven lies about Read more […]

Yet Another “Peer-Reviewed” Cover-Up for Global Warming

“It is an indication of how science is gradually being influenced by political views. The reality hasn’t been keeping up with the [computer] models. Therefore, if people are proposing to do major changes to the world’s economic system we must have much more solid information.” —Climate Change apostate, Professor Lennart Bengtsson “Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!” —Eco-religionists and power-hungry politicians, in unison. I will keep pounding the podium, and saying Read more […]

State Retirement Funds Are Scams to Rip Off Struggling Workers

Why is Detroit bankrupt? Why is San Bernardino following in Detroit’s footsteps? Why is Illinois descending into financial crisis? In these cases, and in many other states, the answer is their pensions. They are supposed to pay up to retirees but they never properly managed the money. They have no way of paying what they owe now or in the near future except by direct taxation on current residents. Note that all of this is somehow legal. No one ever goes to jail for it. People pay into Read more […]

Government Spending Cuts: A triumph of FICTION over FACT (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Government Spending Cuts, we exposed the tricky techniques government uses to increase spending while claiming it is cutting. First, we exposed the fallacy of fewer bananas and more oranges.   Government buys fewer bananas, but more oranges, and issues press release saying it cut spending on bananas. In a second example we demonstrated the fallacy of a reduced wish list.  Government creates budget that are designed to increase each year.  When the actual increase is slightly Read more […]

EPA Administrator Doesn’t Want To Contradict Obama On Global Warming: Refuses To Say

What happens when politicians take over science is completely predictable. But we don’t always get such a perfect illustration of the results: Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy wasn’t able to definitively say whether the world has gotten warmer in Senate testimony. Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions asked McCarthy to confirm a statement made by President Obama last year that global temperatures were increasing faster in the last five or ten years than climate scientists Read more […]

Obamacare Is A Coercive, Inheritance-Stealing Plunder Operation

So, the feds have created a situation where you can lose the coverage you could afford, can’t afford the replacement plans, and are forced into Medicaid which will allow the state to come after your assets when you die. – Herman Cain Remember how Obamacare is pushing millions into Medicaid who hadn’t known that they qualified? To get a real feel for how this works, remember the story of an elderly woman whose plan was taken away from her so that she was forced into Medicaid against her will. Read more […]

Dianne Barrette Just Received A Letter From Her Insurance Company About Obamacare & Economic Reality…

56-year-old Dianne Barrette. Last month, she received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield informing her as of January 2014, she would lose her current plan. Barrette pays $54 a month. The new plan she’s being offered would run $591 a month — 10 times more than what she currently pays. Barrette said, “What I have right now is what I am happy with and I just want to know why I can’t keep what I have. Why do I have to be forced into something else?” I can answer that, Dianne: Because the President Read more […]