Poll Indicates Republicans Could Lose Big in 2014

In mid-May, Obama’s approval ratings had climbed to 53%.  By mid-June, the IRS and NSA scandals had dominated the news and Obama’s approval ratings had plummeted to 45% in only a one month period.  One month later, his approval ratings have dropped even further, falling to 41%. Worse yet, the poll showed that only 37% of the people approved of the way Obama was handling the economy and 56% disapproved.  Sixty percent of the people said they feel the country is heading in the wrong direction Read more […]

Poll Indicates Ohio’s Liberal Voters Abandoning Obama

Ohio has long been considered to be one of the key swing states in presidential elections.  It seems that whoever wins Ohio wins the White House.  Last November, Obama received 2,697,260 votes to Romney’s 2.593,779 votes.  Even though Romney won 72 of Ohio’s 88 counties, Obama won the state by the narrow margin of only 103,000 votes (largely because of voter fraud in Cleveland where numerous precincts reported 100% of votes for Obama). According to the latest Quinnipiac University survey, Read more […]

Scandal-Ridden Obama Distracts With War Prospects

What better way for the Obama administration to divert America’s attention away from all the scandals than to beat the war drums? All of a sudden, the White House claims that they have evidence that Syrian President Assad has used sarin gas on his own people and the “rebel” forces. What evidence do they have? Nobody really knows for sure. We’re just supposed to follow the White House’s lead. Trust them on this, because if we don’t, “we’re going to have some problems.” The people Read more […]

DOJ Spent Over $200 Million On Conferences

Being able to attend lavish conferences is one of the many perks of working for a massive, bloated federal government that has absolutely no regard for money that they’ve confiscated through taxes. They don’t earn the money. They just take it, and they spend it however they want. Since it’s not their money, and since it was “legally” taken, there is no incentive to be careful with it or to try to operate within a tight budget. And they don’t even have to keep track of how they spend it. The Read more […]

DNC Sticks to the ‘Nothing to See Here’ Defense

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time. And liberals think they’re fooling everybody any ol’ time. The actuality is that “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” doesn’t really work as a defense, no matter how hard the Democratic Party pushes it as policy. That doesn’t stop them from trying. Just last week, presidential spokesman Jay Carney tried to say the gusher of scandals from the Obama Administration really didn’t exist, Read more […]

Washington DC #1 City for Cheaters

Whenever most of us think about Washington DC, we think about all of the corruption in the federal government, starting in the White House.  We hear about President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder breaking one federal law after another and violating the US Constitution on a regular basis.  We hear about Congressmen and Senators violating campaign finance laws and other ethics violations. As for myself, I also think of reports I heard a few years back that listed the number of births Read more […]