Democrats Implode, Turning on One Another

Watching Democrats implode is more entertaining than watching Republicans win. Before the election results began coming in, the Democrats were already blaming one another for losing the election! As the Washington Times reports, “Obama to Democratic hopefuls: It’s your fault if you lose.” The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a rising force on the left and the biggest champion of Mrs. Warren and other populist liberals, took direct aim at Mr. Obama while pushing wholesale changes Read more […]

NBC: Chicago Murder Rate High Because Gun Rights Still Exist Elsewhere

It was on NBC’s Nightly News that correspondent Kevin Tibbes lamented that despite Chicago’s draconian gun control laws that prohibit gun shows inside city limits, it still has high murder rates, and the city is “awash in guns.” Guest and UCLA law professor claimed that it wasn’t the gun control laws’ fault. In fact, quite the contrary:  “Chicago certainly has strict gun control laws. But the difficulty is that outlying areas outside of Chicago and in other states, neighboring Illinois, Read more […]