School Turns Kids Into Little ‘B-Words’

“OK, Purple Penguins, it’s almost time for lunch, so let’s line up like good little Milkers and Juicers. …” If the above makes you exclaim out loud, “What the? …” then join the club. Apparently, it makes sense in Lincoln, Nebraska, where middle school teachers were given training handouts on how to create “gender-inclusive” classrooms. The first advice is to not use phrases like “boys and girls,” “ladies and gentlemen” or even “you guys.” Instead, teachers are told to use gender-neutral Read more […]

New York Schools Drop First Lady’s Lunch Program

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program isn’t winning many fans among the nation’s students or their  parents. In fact, another school district recently decided to drop the federal menu plans after numerous complaints from students that they were left hungry and didn’t like most of the food options. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District in New York said that it lost about $100,000 this year by trying out the federal program because the children disliked the menu choices and started bringing Read more […]

Don’t Stay Quiet

In case you weren’t aware of it, today is the Day of Silence, an annual silent protest by non-straights and their supporters against sexual preference persecution. I could go on and list the groups associated with the ever-growing acronym—it is now up to LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer—but it is actually much easier to simply refer to them as non-straight sexually, since this is really the main thing they all have in common. The goal of the Day of Silence, according to Read more […]

Evil: A Sad Reality, And Therefore A Reality Denied By Liberals

There is evil in the world. It does not exist in non-sentient, inanimate objects; it exists in people. Evil is stored in our hearts and then discharged in the form of lies, in the form of stealing, in the form of violence, etc. While stealing is an evil that can be implemented using only our hands, violence is an evil that can be implemented using virtually any object. But the object itself is not evil; the object is the conduit, be it a fist, a hammer, a brick, a rock, a stick, or a gun. Liberals Read more […]

Missouri Proposes Law Requiring Students’ Parents To Inform Schools About Their Guns

Generally, conservatives understand that taking people’s rights away is not protecting them. Liberals however equate complete control with safety. If they can just know everything about everyone of us, where we live, how we raise our kids, what foods we eat, etc., they’d be able to keep us and everyone else safe. A Missouri state senator has proposed a bill that would require parents to inform their children’s schools as to whether or not they own guns, and if so, where they are stored. Read more […]