DJesus Uncrossed: Saturday Night Live Mocks and Blasphemes Jesus Christ

Saturday Night Live has a long history of irreverence towards many different things.  They have targeted people, corporations and countries.  Sadly, they have a large following of viewers that also have very low moral standards and support a number of liberal views. On February 16, the NBC program went beyond the realms of irreverence to outright blasphemy.  A skit that aired that night wall called ‘DJesus Uncrossed.’  It was an obvious spoof of the highly racist movie ‘Django Unchanged.’  Read more […]

Obama’s Economic Recovery Results in More Store Closings

The Obama administration has been trying to convince us for the past couple of months that the economy is recovering.  One of the signs of a recovering economy is consumer spending.  Increased consumer spending generally means that retailers begin to see more sales and business is improving. However, that’s not the case with many major retail chains.  In fact, they continue to see poor sales figures and loss of profits.  Last year, J.C. Penny Co. saw quarterly losses of 26% compared to the Read more […]