Federal Agency Installs Surveillance Grid over Major City without Local Government?

Seattle is now under a surveillance grid of cameras thanks to the BATF, who did not consult the Seattle PD or city government. When I first saw this story I thought it must be one of those hoax/satire sites that sometimes fool conservatives. But it looks like a bona fide news site dedicated to happenings and issues related to the Seattle area. The headline: “ATF confirms surveillance cameras installed throughout Seattle.” The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Read more […]

Raise Minimum Wage and Workers Cut Hours to Keep Welfare

Reportedly, Seattle’s law to raise minimum wage is running into a conflict with the welfare state. As Mark reported back in 2013, one attempt to propagandize for a higher minimum wage was to accuse large companies using unskilled labor of being “welfare queens.” McDonald’s and Walmart were smeared with this term because anyone who was trying to live on a single income as one of their employees would need government assistance to live. The idea was pushed that McDonald’s and Walmart are Read more […]

No Soda for Your 6th-Grade Daughter, but School Can Insert an IUD without Telling You

The Seattle school’s no soda rule puts their IUD policy in perspective. Mark Horne wrote about the fact that the Seattle schools are allowed to insert IUDs into eleven-year-old girls without telling their parents, but I want to revisit the issue and point out the seeming insanity. I write “seeming insanity,” because even though there is real moral insanity involved, there is also a clear agenda with rational planning. As the cliché goes, there is a method to their madness. When Mark Read more […]

Our Great Country where Schools Can Give 11-Year-Old Girls IUDs without Parental Notification

The Daily Mail is reporting that thirteen schools in Washington State are distributing IUDs to girls as young as eleven. Here’s a story to help you celebrate your freedoms and your right to self-government this Independence Day: The Daily Mail reports, “Seattle high school sparks outrage over policy which allows it to give IUD contraceptives to girls as young as ELEVEN – without seeking permission from parents.” A public school in Washington State is offering taxpayer-funded intrauterine Read more […]

What Entrepreneur Charity Proves about the Living Wage

Paying all employees a living wage is a grand experiment in charity. KDSK.com calls Dan Price a Seattle CEO, but Newser.com identifies him as an entrepreneur. That is important to keep in mind because Price is definitely starting a risky investment. According to his plans he is going to pay everyone at his company $70,000 a year. KDSK.com: “Seattle CEO to pay employees $70,000 minimum wage.” The CEO of a Seattle company is reportedly boosting the minimum wage for every one of his employees Read more […]

To Fight Discrimination, Two Mayors Ban Indiana

No one must be permitted to decide with whom they do business, so two mayors tell city employees they must ban Indiana from their travel. Indiana’s state affirmation of the First Amendment continues to be attacked as a bill legalizing “discrimination.” I guess this means that the people who attack Indiana in this inaccurate way must really hate discrimination. They must believe that you must never refuse to do business with someone or some group on the basis of any moral problems you Read more […]

Minimum Wage: Income Gap Widens in Seattle

Raising minimum wage doesn’t solve the income gap; it aggravates the income gap. Supposedly, a higher minimum wage is needed to deal with the income gap. But Seattle is showing us not only does a higher minimum wage not address the problem. It additionally makes the problem worse. Seattle, by imposing a fifteen-dollar-an-hour minimum wage is going to widen the income gap. Think about it. In order for people of modest means to be able to afford to eat out, they need to be able to go to Read more […]

Trash People Will Search Your Garbage and Turn You In

Seattle has a new law making it illegal to put food in your garbage. So what would happen if regions of the country simply made laws the people could not keep trash on their own property that smelled up or otherwise reduced the value of the neighboring property, and made no other laws or regulations about trash disposal other than enforcing property rights. Naturally, people would need a way of getting their trash out of their property and they wouldn’t be permitted to dump it on other Read more […]

Seattle Minimum Wage Law Is How Some Businesses Try to Destroy Other Businesses

Fifteen dollars an hour is a painful increase in expense for small businesses. Seattle politicians had made a promise that they found voters would not permit them to forget. So now they are stuck with it. Some are suing in order to get some relief. Fox News reports, “I guarantee not everyone will survive,” warned David Jones, who owns a Subway franchise in Seattle. “This discriminatory law will affect some franchisees and they will go out of business.”  The International Franchise Read more […]

The Real Reason the Seattle Mayor Thinks the City’s $15/Hour Minimum Wage is Model for the Nation

If you remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was trying to soften the blow of Seattle’s promised $15 per hour minimum wage law. But having tantalized the people who voted radicals into the city government, there was no way the system would permit him or anyone else to ameliorate the damage. The proposed minimum wage is now law. Naturally, the Mayor is now boasting about this new law. But his boasting contains a revelation of what he hopes for: a bailout of his policy. From Read more […]

The People of Seattle Elected a Kleptomaniac for City Council and Deserve What They Get

The New American reports, Monday’s announcement that the Seattle City Council had voted 9-0 to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour was much more about advancing a political agenda than about improving economic conditions of the working poor. It also revealed extraordinary economic ignorance among those supporting the measure. City Councilman Nick Licata insisted, “By significantly raising the minimum wage, Seattle’s prosperity will be shared by more people and create a sustainable Read more […]

Seattle Officially Begins Destroying Its Economy

I posted just over a month ago that Seattle was considering  inflicting a $15 per hour minimum wage law. Now they have done it. As the Daily Caller reported yesterday: In a 9-0 vote, the Seattle City Council approved a minimum wage hike from the state’s current $9.32 per hour to $15 per hour, KIRO 7 reports. Washington state already has the highest minimum wage in the country. Pushed through by Democratic Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant, the hike is bringing Read more […]