Government Agencies: Warrant? We Can’t Be Stopped because No Warrant!

Government agencies are claiming they don’t need a warrant to read your email, and requiring a warrant is a burden. I really don’t understand why we can’t make this kind of opposition a matter for immediate deposition from office. When agencies complain about needing to get a warrant, they are claiming they shouldn’t have to obey the fundamental law of the United States. From the National Journal: “Agencies Say They Need Access to Americans’ Emails Without a Warrant.” The law Read more […]

Why Is the SEC Helping Target CEOs?

The SEC is now requiring information to be reported that could easily allow Occupy Wall Street types to target CEOs. The Los Angeles Times reports, “How much do CEOs make compared to their workers? We’ll know in 2018.” The Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new rule Wednesday morning requiring publicly traded companies to disclose the pay gap between chief executives and their workers. Chief executives’ pay is already disclosed in company proxy statements, so what’s new is that Read more […]

The Real Question is “Why Does the Government Pretend It can Protect Us from Insider Trading”

I would have probably ignored this piece in the Wall Street Journal, except that others seem to think it was an important editorial. Also, I don’t pay money for news access to the WSJ or anyone else, so I wouldn’t have any access to the argument without Newser. All I have access to are the headline, sub-headline and first few sentences: “Busting Insider Trading: As Pointless as Prohibition.” Just as Americans found ways to keep drinking, Wall Street will always look for an edge. The Read more […]