Utility Worker Stops Robbery with Concealed Weapon

Say what you will about the legality of carrying concealed weapons, but this story proves that allowing the general public to have access to guns can save lives and stop crime! A would-be armed robbery suspect was shot dead Monday morning while attempting to hold-up three utility workers in north county, the St. Louis County Police Department said. According to Sgt. Brian Schellman, a county police spokesman, the incident occurred around 8:55 a.m. around the intersection of Lynncrest and Crown Read more […]

Principal: Let Children Protect Themselves With Cans

Since the nation’s public schools are gun-free zones, that makes them plum targets for any crazy looking to get his name in the paper by shooting a bunch of people. Liberals won’t ever admit that, but they know it or at least subconsciously understand it. How else to explain the latest bit of nonsense from a government official about protecting children in schools? According to the Associated Press, an Alabama middle school principal has come up with the brilliant plan of letting children Read more […]

Student Suspended for NRA T-shirt

Kids in schools today are exposed to all manner of morally questionable ideas, especially in very liberal states like New York. In addition to the outright assault on America’s sexual morals, the liberal education industry force feeds children an adulterated history, “feel-good” math and a steady diet of left-wing political pap. One thing that isn’t taught in schools, either because the teachers disagree with it or simply don’t know it, is the U.S. Constitution. None of the founding documents Read more […]

Ninth Circuit Upholds Right to Carry a Gun

Against all odds and expectations, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, known far and wide for its extreme left opinions, this week actually struck down a key segment of California gun control laws and upheld the right of people to carry guns. Quick, look out the window to see if pigs are flying. Somebody call hell and get the weather report. The court that is so wacky it is commonly referred to as the Ninth Circus even among fans ruled 2-1 yesterday that San Diego’s concealed carry Read more […]

Sandy Hook Shooting Motive: Mystery or Whitewash?

Police have released a report on the Sandy Hook School shootings and come to the conclusion that they don’t know what was Adam Lanza’s motivation for killing his mother, six teachers and 20 kids. The report’s non-conclusion is already being cited by politicians like Sen. Richard Blumenthal as proof that we need to have more controls on those darn guns. Based on what’s been released by police, you can’t help but wonder if authorities are genuinely baffled or if the report isn’t intended at least Read more […]

Elected Official Wants Gun Owners’ Homes Raided

There’s a good reason that background checks and gun registration laws are bad ideas, and that reason’s name is Swampscott, Massachusetts Selectman Barry Greenfield. Greenfield is one of those little tyrants who apparently believes that government exists to keep you in line. He recently came out in favor of a measure that would allow law enforcement to come snooping around the homes of legal gun owners any time they please. It’s all in the public interest, naturally. Greenfield said that Read more […]

John Kerry Signs Away Our Gun Rights to the UN

Without a lot of fanfare, Secretary of State, John Kerry signed away our gun rights here in America, with his signature on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This treaty has been hanging out there for years, just waiting for an appropriately liberal U.S. regime to sign on. I guess they finally found one who is more concerned with the “World” community than our own. In 2012, the ATT’s Coordinated Action on Small Arms (CASA) paper explained that the U.N. “does not aim to impede or interfere Read more […]

Bill Clinton: It’s Harder to Vote than Purchase Assault Weapons

When you start hearing intelligent people say stupid things, you know they’ve lost the argument. Bill Clinton is a smart man. He’s a Rhodes Scholar. He’s well read. But he can’t defend liberalism by an appeal to facts. So he does the only thing he can. He makes up stuff. The same tactic is used by today’s racialists. Everything is about race. Criticism of an Obama policy is an attack on him and all blacks because he’s black. People are getting tired of hearing the “it’s all Read more […]

Obama Commits to Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty While Congress at Summer Recess

The number one goal of the United Nations is to become the political entity that rules all nations or in other words, the one world government.  To accomplish that goal, they have to continue to exert their authority and power over individual countries and they have been quite successful at doing this in recent years. One of the key pieces of international law that needs to be in place before the UN can take over the world is to control all weapons, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic Read more […]

Exposing Squishy Conservatives

As far as conservative newspapers go, there are very few. The most recognizable being Investors Business Daily, Washington Times, New York Post (at times), and (also at times) The Wall Street Journal. While I agree for the most part, I challenge those who trust The Wall Street Journal to be conservative. In my opinion it only masquerades as a conservative newspaper. Case in point: A recent article penned on May 2 by Kimberly Strassel entitled, “About Those Conservative ‘Squishes.’” Read more […]

Senators Will Vote on Gun Bill They Have Not Read

After reading about the gang of 16 turncoat Republicans that voted with the Democrats to allow Harry Reid’s gun bill to move forward, I made a call. I telephoned my Senator, Kelly Ayotte, to vent my spleen. I spoke with one of her lackeys, and she explained that the senator has always been pro-Second Amendment. I asked the lackey if the pro-gun Senator actually read the very lengthy bill she voted to allow to proceed. The lackey had no answer. She just kept repeating how Sen. Ayotte was pro-Second Read more […]

In Fight for Your Rights, Know Where They Come From

Now that we’ve all been stabbed in the back yet again by the RINOs in the Senate, I’m becoming more convinced that this gun control fight is going to end in bloodshed. That’s the only way some people will ever understand that Americans won’t willingly surrender themselves to the whims of the state. But more importantly, it is becoming less likely we can avoid bloodshed because some of us who want to defend our gun rights are actually encouraging the would-be dictators. Actions follow words, Read more […]