Secret Service Used Personal Data to Punish Sitting Congressman

Do you think that the people in the NSA who have access to our personal data will be any more ethical or any less ruthless than the Secret Service? We have asked a time or two about the possibility of a politician being blackmailed by agents of our own government. We’ve wondered about John Boehner’s actions in that regard. Does the NSA have dirt on these politicians so that they can be controlled by others in government? Some want to cling to the idea that, even though the NSA could do Read more […]

Secret Service Shows How Big Government Degrades

The Secret Service is a legitimate agency of government. Except for anarchists, just about everyone believes that the government is supposed to protect people from harm, including the government itself. But here is the problem. What happens to a competent person who has a history of successfully fulfilling his assigned duties when he takes on many additional responsibilities that were never meant to be part of his job description? He is likely to fail at these new duties—though, perhaps, Read more […]

DHS Withhold Evidence & That Is Just Fine

Gee, and what would happen to a mere mortal, like me, if I were to “withhold evidence” from a Federal investigation? I’m sure I’d get to keep my freedom, and my job… Yeah, right! –Bob Allen Bob is absolutely right. He is commenting on this story at the Washington Post website: “Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal.” As nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military were punished or fired following a 2012 prostitution Read more […]

Hell Freezes over & Government Bureaucrat Resigns

According to yesterday evening, the resignation of this government bureaucrat was no surprise: In a not-so-shocking development, Secret Service chief Julia Pierson has resigned, reports CNBC. The move comes amid withering criticism in the wake of high-profile security lapses involving President Obama. Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson announced the resignation and said he was appointing Joseph Clancy to be interim director of the Secret Service, reports CNN. Clancy led the president’s Read more […]

Barack Obama Doesn’t Need the Secret Service to Be Safe

The Telegraph is wondering: “Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?” A knife-wielding intruder allowed to run rampant through the first floor of the White House. Bullets that struck the window of Barack Obama’s private residence but went unnoticed for days. A presidential bodyguard so drunk he passed out in hallway of a hotel. These are just some of the recent incidents that have shaken confidence in the Secret Service, the elite agency assigned to protect Mr Obama, Read more […]

Why Did the Secret Service Fail Twice in One Weekend?

I am going to turn the tables on you today. I typically use my commentary to explain to the reader what I think is happening.  Today, I would like to hear from you. What is going on?  Something is VERY wrong in America. There cannot be a safer place to be in America than the White House.  The Secret Service is legendary for its ability to protect the president. Look.  No matter how much we dislike the President, we all want to see he and his family protected.  It should concern Read more […]

The National Security State Provides Tyranny but Not Security

TSA, DHS, FBI, Secret Service… list as many parts of the national security state as you want. Here is a reminder: The government cannot ensure your safety–nor were they ever supposed to (hence, the Second Amendment). Heck, as the story below clearly demonstrates, they can’t even guarantee a man can’t jump the White House fence and get all the way inside. Today’s evidence for our insecurity comes from The Associated Press over the weekend: “Secret Service Boosts Security Outside White Read more […]

No Fourth Amendment around Barack Obama: In the Name of Security We Get Royalty

The New York Post reports, “Golfers frisked as Obama arrives at Martha’s Vineyard club.” Regulars at the Vineyard Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard were gobsmacked when President Obama unexpectedly strolled onto a nearby green and they were immediately frisked. “There was no warning he was coming,” sniffed a guest. “There was security on the way in, but no word as to why they were there.” The member added, “While eating, overlooking the golf course, guests had to stand up and be Read more […]