What Happened to Zero Tolerance for Guns in School?

Guns in school are only illegal for those who don’t belong to the so-called “law enforcement” public union. This story reported in the Washington Post website (“‘I thought he was going to shoot me.’ Unsuspecting middle school students terrified by active shooter drill.”) is so outrageous, I’m not sure what to say about it. Police officers in Florida surprised students, teachers and parents Thursday with an active shooter drill. And by “active shooter drill,” we mean that Read more […]

No One Is Shocked at Ebola Security Theater

The Washington Times tells us what we already knew—that the TSA is merely performing Ebola security theater. Since when is it news that TSA activities are totally ineffective, and a colossal waste of manpower, tax dollars, and everyone’s time? [See also, “Private, For-Profit, Company Fighting Ebola Successfully.”] The Washington Post thought it was worth reporting confirmation of what we all already know: “These scientific studies show that airport Ebola screenings are largely Read more […]

Federal Stimulus of Disrespect for Fourth Amendment

Chicago’s new policy, that is useless security theater against terrorism, but reduces the impact of the Fourth Amendment, is the result of Federal stimulus. You don’t even need to dig for the sources of this news summary from Newser.com. The entire training program to make the Fourth Amendment less relevant to the populace can be seen in all its glory. Chicago police will screen the bags of passengers getting on the city’s CTA trains in what the department calls a “proactive, protective measure,” Read more […]

TSA Nudie Scanners Illegal but They’re Using Them Anyway

It is hard to believe but Federal agencies are not supposed to be able to create new laws at whim and require the American people to obey them. There is a procedure set out that allows proposed rules to be reviewed and commented upon. According to the blog of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses more than 700 full-body imaging scanners in 160 airports nationwide. In addition to the empirical evidence that shows they don’t actually make Read more […]

Government: We’re Failing To Protect You So Give Us More Money & Power

If you worked in the private sector you wouldn’t use the fact that you are unable to deliver a service as a reason why people should pay you more for the service. But for politicians the worst possible scenario is to actually solve a problem. If you solve the problem then how can you justify an bigger budget? Thus, the headline from Politico.com: “Feinstein, Rogers: United States ‘not safer today.’” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI) are leaders of Read more […]

Read The Wrong Book 2; Enforcement Of National Security Religion?

I’ve never done this before (that I can remember) but I’m offering a follow-up post to my Read The Wrong Book; Get Tracked By Government entry. As I think about what I read, I’m realizing that I (and the McClatchy story) missed the real point here. The McClatchy piece, written by Marissa Taylor, was understandably centered on the fact that the personal information of thousands of Americans was shared without any real cause among Federal agencies. With the NSA being in the new, thanks to Read more […]

Government Manufactures “Occupy Wall Street” Terrorism

I hate Occupy Wall Street, but I guess I don’t hate them enough. I don’t hate them enough to find clowns planning vandalism and talk them into using C-4 explosives so they can be busted as terrorists using WMD. Over the years the Department of Homeland Security has issued warnings against “homegrown terrorism.” They’ve warned of “anarchists” and others, people who believe the Federal Reserve is a bad thing that hurts the United States and who have Ron Paul bumper stickers on their Read more […]