The People of Seattle Elected a Kleptomaniac for City Council and Deserve What They Get

The New American reports, Monday’s announcement that the Seattle City Council had voted 9-0 to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour was much more about advancing a political agenda than about improving economic conditions of the working poor. It also revealed extraordinary economic ignorance among those supporting the measure. City Councilman Nick Licata insisted, “By significantly raising the minimum wage, Seattle’s prosperity will be shared by more people and create a sustainable Read more […]

Workers Flee Unions Like They Are Fleeing Tyranny

Unions wrap themselves in the American flag and self-righteously trumpet their contributions to our society. If you buy their rhetoric, you’d think freedom would disappear from the land if Unions didn’t exist. So how come workers flee Unions like oppressed people exiting Communist countries when they’re given a chance? From the Daily Caller: “After Right-To-Work, 80% of Mich. Health-Care Workers Desert Union.” Having won the right to decide for themselves whether to join unions, Michigan Read more […]

If These Charges Are True, Do You Really Think McDonald’s Can Afford To Pay More?

Some former employees of McDonald’s are suing the restaurant chain in three states. In California, Michigan, and New York they are alleging that the restaurants “illegally underpaid employees by erasing hours from their timecards, not paying overtime and ordering them to work off the clock.” According to the New York Times: The lawsuits were announced Thursday by the employees’ lawyers and organizers of the union-backed movement that is pressing the nation’s fast-food restaurants to Read more […]

Union Thuggery Will Kill the Fast Food Industry

If you live in a major city, soon if not already, you will not be able to get fast food. Our old communist — I mean “progressive” — pals are at it again. The SEIU is whipping up a frenzy among fast food workers with a call to strike. Workers in many cities have already walked off the job. SEIU boss Mary Kay Henry granted an interview with fair and balanced Seated in her posh Washington DC office she told Salon, “See the fast food workers as standing up for all of us because the Read more […]