Joe Biden, Who Ran on “No Gay Marriage” Ticket in 2008, Now Bullies Cultures for “Gay Rights”

Like John Kerry and Susan Rice, Joe Biden is the champion of a global moral crusade. According to CNS News, “I don’t care what your culture is,” Biden told about 100 guests at the Naval Observatory’s vice presidential mansion. “Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice.” Biden, who willingly ran with Barack Obama in 2008 when he disavowed same-sex “marriage,” is now ready to threaten people to change their laws and culture. Biden, who has emerged as a leading Read more […]

Maybe It’s Time to Move to Russia and Africa

With the Supreme Court’s insane decision on the homosexual issue (not yet legalizing homosexual American across America), maybe it’s time to look elsewhere to find a level or moral sanity. Homosexuality is contrary to nature, logic, and all moral reasoning. It’s the capstone of where we are as a nation. Humankind is god, and the courts are its priests, and woe to those who oppose the Inquisition. When Obama tried to push his homosexual agenda in Africa, he got a chilly response. Obama’s Read more […]