The Democratic War On Words Wages On

When you hear the phrase “citizen of France,” what comes to mind? Perhaps someone who is an official and legal member of the citizenry of the country of France; someone who is, simply, with no caveats, a citizen of France. And the word “citizen” by itself? How about someone who is an official and legal member of the citizenry of any locale? “Official” and “legal” are important qualifiers; when I fly to Boston to visit my girlfriend, I do not become a citizen of Boston. And were Read more […]

Liberals: Blacks Can’t Like Fried Chicken Because It Makes People Believe Blacks Like Fried Chicken

Black people love fried chicken. That’s a general fact. It’s not true of all black people, but “general” doesn’t mean universal and absolute. So when this morning I read a story of manufactured outrage over a comment from a Hispanic golfer about half-black Tiger Woods liking fried chicken, I got pretty outraged myself. Sergio Garcia is that Hispanic. He and Woods apparently don’t like each other, but they will be playing together (against each other? I don’t know how it works) in something called Read more […]

9-Year-Old Student In Trouble For Having Army Soldiers On His Cupcakes

These outrageous school stories seem to be happening everyday. School administrators suspending young students for hand gestures, drawings, pastries and toys that look like guns. The paranoia of the left is unbelievable. And their “no-tolerance” policies are a complete joke. A more recent case comes out of Detroit, and the 9-year-old student didn’t get suspended, but he and his parents got chided by the school principal. How did the student misbehave? It was his birthday, and his parents Read more […]