Judge Sets Aside Mandatory Minimum for Child Molester

Since the child molester didn’t “intend to harm” the three-year-old girl, he doesn’t deserve the 25-to-life sentence for the crime? What exactly are we becoming? Perhaps you remember my post in February about a judge who gave a man essentially a life sentence because “the system forced me to do it” (my paraphrase). The judge believed he had no choice but to obey the law and put a non-violent drug offender away for a longer time than an airline hijacker or terrorist would receive. Well, Read more […]

Heritage Foundation: Get Rid of Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent Crimes

Back when I wrote about prosecutors threatening torture to get a confession, I thought I was a bit “out there” in Conservative circles. My mistake. Yesterday the Heritage Foundation posted on “Time To Reconsider Mandatory Minimum Sentences.” It seems this is both a conservative position and one that appeals to Democrats as well. At a time when people are claiming that Congress can’t get anything done due to partisanship it seems that there is a move afoot to deal with this sentencing Read more […]

Convicted Rapist Misses Sentencing Hearing Twice – Ya Think?

I’ve often wondered why a person, who is just convicted of a crime, is released from jail prior to their sentencing hearing.  If they are convicted by a jury, why aren’t they put in jail immediately and kept there?  Who in their right mind would expect someone who was just convicted of felony crimes and then set free, to actually show up for their sentencing hearing? Case in point is 23 year old John Stuedle.  In November, Stuedle was convicted of 15 counts of 3rd degree rape and custodial Read more […]