Ex-Employee Goes On Record About Pretend Work for Obamacare

Ah, the truth about how Progressivism succeeds! Step One: Create sham companies where you can funnel billions of taxpayer dollars, and pay people enough that (most of the time) they will keep quiet about the fact they’re earning $17 per hour to do NOTHING!! Step Two: Live high on stolen taxpayer money, while recycling a good chunk of it back into more Progressive causes to create additional scams. From the Free Beacon: Paula Bujewski was employed by Cognosante for two months. The company Read more […]

1.2 Billion-Dollar Obamacare Contract to Sit Around and Do Nothing

Last night, the Saint Louis Post Dispatch reported: Members of Missouri’s congressional delegation are calling for probes of a report that a taxpayer-funded center in Wentzville, contracted to process applications for the new health-care law, is paying its workers to do virtually nothing.  The federal government, under the auspices of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, gave $1.2 billion to Serco Inc., a processing and security group, to process paper applications for health insurance Read more […]

Obamacare Contractor Overbilled UK ‘Tens of Millions of Pounds’

You can’t open up any news source these days without hearing about how much the rising costs of Obamacare are.  The cost of medical insurance is going through the roof, the cost of medical treatment is going through the roof and cost to employers in going through the roof.  At the same time, jobs and hours are being decreased and millions more Americans are finding themselves left without health coverage or sufficient income to purchase their own. If we needed another excuse for the increased Read more […]