Explicit Sex Conference Disguised as Anti-Bullying Summit for Students

Students were sickened by the sex conference telling them how to do “gay sex.” As you read the descriptions below, keep in mind the age range of the students according to the headline at EAGnews.org: “Parents outraged after middle schoolers attend LGBTQ sex conference.” The father of a Des Moines senior told the site his daughter was “absolutely distraught” by the material at the conference and felt bamboozled by organizers who misled attendees about the focus of the event. “She Read more […]

Teen Pregnancy Rates Too Low, CDC Wants to Change That

A little background here: Have you ever heard of the DARE program? It is supposed to educate children to resist the temptation to do drugs. It doesn’t work. Actually, that isn’t quite accurate: at best, it doesn’t work. At worst it actually makes the students more likely to experiment with drugs. Apparently, exposing children to the idea of drug use for extended periods of time tends to make them more intrigued by the idea. But people insist on continuing the program. For example: “In Read more […]

Father Thinks He’s Upset About A School Curriculum While He Remains Compliant

The story on Fox News shows how people who are brainwashed can believe they are resisting evil when they are firmly planted in evil’s digestive tract. It also shows that our eugenic legacy is alive and well. Hat tip to “Joffre the Giant’s” blog for pointing this out. From Fox News 4. A father said if his 13-year-old daughter hadn’t taken a picture of a questionable public poster and shown him, he’d never have known the content. Now that he knows, he’s not happy. Mark Ellis says Read more […]