Oprah-Promoted, Anti-Sex-Trafficking, Celebrity Fundraiser Turns Out to Be a Fraud

There is a lesson in the story of Somaly Mam, not only about being careful about non-profits who know how to motivate you to donate to them, but to also be careful about political crusades. These same hustlers who lie to win you over are also used as lobbyists to speak to legislatures to motivate them to enact new laws. Elizabeth Nolan Brown sums up the story at the Reason blog. Activist Somaly Mam earned international acclaim and a spot on Oprah’s book list by brandishing tales of horrific sexual Read more […]

How Conservatives Lost Women Voters

Late last year when a presidential primary candidate was asked how he was going to reach women voters, he responded that he was polling well with women. Oh, oh. He seemed clueless about what most women really want. Once again, women were being taken for granted and once again we could lose – big time. And lose, we did. Reaching women is not a new concept. The importance of our vote should be well-known, as women have registered and voted at a higher rate than men since 1980. One would think Read more […]