The Problem of the Sexless Japanese Still Continues

Mark Horne posted about this problem over a year ago. Now McClatchy reports that nothing has improved. There are still a growing number of sexless Japanese. Japan is well known for many things, and its obsession with sex is one of them. It has one of the most robust pornographic and adult-toy industries in the world and airs TV commercials for items as banal as candy that feature sexually suggestive themes. It even has an annual fertility festival that parades two five-foot-tall penis sculptures Read more […]

Obama White House Has Stalinized American Universities

American Universities are now places where students can launch heresy trials against professors for expressing politically incorrect opinions. Laura Kipnis is a professor in the department of radio, television, and film at Northwestern University. She recently wrote an editorial that was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education: “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe.” I don’t know if I agree with all of it. Since I don’t think sex should take place outside of marriage, I’m not Read more […]

No Sex without a Contract?

Liberals now want no sex until partners say the right words to each other. Here’s a gem from The Daily Caller: “Gillibrand: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Should Go Nationwide.” New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the most prominent lawmakers fighting campus sexual assault on Capitol Hill, said Monday that controversial affirmative consent laws should be made the standard nationwide. Gillibrand was speaking as part of an MSNBC-hosted panel event on sexual assault at the Fashion Read more […]

School Board Decides To Encourage Pre-Teens to Make Babies

Some teens and even pre-teens have sex and some of them get pregnant. In those cases, if you could go back in time and force the couple to use a condom, that pregnancy would have been prevented. But if you could go back in time, why not stop the pre-teens from having sex altogether? In many states (all of them?) it is illegal for pre-teens to be involved in sexual activity. This would especially be true if the girl was very young and she was seduced/pressured/raped by an older male. So, because we Read more […]

California Proposes a License to Breed

One of California’s many elected mother hen Progressives, Sen. Kevin de Leon, known for advocating various gun control measures, has come up with a doozy this time. In light of investigations into sexual misconduct at various universities, de Leon is proposing a law that would require “verbal or written consent” prior to any sexual activity on college campuses. Forget about sexy looks. Forget body language. “Hey baby, do you have a condom?” Way too subtle. And a magical moment when Read more […]

High School Play Portrays Sex With Goat

If you were the parent of a high school student and found out that your child was involved with a play at school that uses vulgar sexual expressions and portrays sex with a goat, would you be upset and concerned? Some parents of Cactus Shadows High School in Carefree, Arizona are, but you may be surprised at the reaction they are receiving. The play is The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee.  The main character, Martin, falls in love with a goat and has a sexual affair with it, which Read more […]

Should a Woman Have the Right to Choose?

This may shock many of you, but I say, YES, a woman should have the right to choose, but not the way you may think. If you knowingly throw bricks from an overpass, the law will say that you made a choice to commit an act that put the lives of others in danger.  It’s the same reason that it’s against the law to yell fire in a movie theater, because of the potential harm to others caused by one’s careless actions. Likewise, it’s against the law to shoot a gun into a crowd of people because Read more […]

Some Public Schools Can’t Handle the Truth

I have been in over 342 public schools across America, and the next generation is literally dying for someone to break into their indoctrinated world and give them the truth found in America’s biblical and constitutional foundations (Hosea 4:6). During my all-school assembly programs (upon invitation from school administrators), I speak on over 26 topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, sexual morality, media bias, the Constitution, the separation of church and state myth, and the price Read more […]

German Liberals Think About Banning Animal Sex

Like many Americans with military veterans in the family, I grew up hearing stories about how we kicked the snot out of the Germans in World War II. I never realized until today that we may have kicked them just a little too hard. Then comes the headline, “German government to reintroduce ban on bestiality.” Reintroduce? Honestly, I think you WWII vets may have broke something. Back in 1969, Germany not only legalized homosexuality, but bestiality as well, according to the Daily Telegraph. (American Read more […]