Your Allegedly Innate Desires Don’t Determine Ethics

Innate desires (or ones that you think are innate) can lead you into wrongdoing; the impulse doesn’t justify the deed. The headline in the New American isn’t just hypothetical; it comes from what “scholars” and “experts” are saying: “Is Pedophilia Okay if You’re ‘Born That Way’?” “Now, many experts view it as a sexual orientation as immutable as heterosexuality … a deep-rooted predisposition … that becomes clear during puberty and does not change.” The above Read more […]

A Politically Incorrect Guide to ‘Sexual Orientation’

It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world … — The Kinks Through the secular-“progressive” looking-glass, the term “sexual orientation” has, in a few short years, evolved to accommodate an ever-expanding fruit basket of carnal appetites. First it was “LGB” — liberal shorthand for “lesbian, gay and bisexual.” Then they added a “T” for “transgender.” That’s cross-dressing. You know, fellas like 45-year-old Clay Francis (aka “Colleen”). Mr. Francis enjoys Read more […]

The California Governor’s Tar-Baby

Legislation awaiting the governor’s signature in California would make it illegal for parents to try to alter their children’s “sexual orientation.” The bill was introduced by State Senator Ted W. Lieu and is sponsored and supported by various gay right groups. It remains to be seen what Gov. Jerry Brown will do with it once it hits his desk. Conservative and libertarian groups are strongly opposed to the bill, claiming it is a violation of parent and civil rights. The gay right groups, Read more […]