Thailand Commercial Shames America’s Christians

True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) happens to be a huge communication conglomerate in Thailand.  TRUE operates the country’s largest cable TV provider, largest ISP internet service and the third largest mobile phone service.  They also have a partnership with Verizon, who most of us are familiar with. Recently, TRUE made a commercial called ‘Giving.’  The message of the commercial is believing in the power of giving without expecting anything in return.  The commercial has Read more […]

Wisconsin Department of Education: Whites are Born Racist and Privileged

If you have kids in Wisconsin government schools, be on the lookout for what VISTA is teaching them. Especially if you happen to be white. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is an operation under AmeriCorps that is being used by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A cursory look at the Wisconsin DPI’s “VISTA hub” on their website shows what those gender studies and social studies majors end up doing with their lives. Blacks are oppressed, and whites are inherently racist. Read more […]