Obama Artist Paints Gun Owners as ‘Satan’

Few things are more obnoxious than atheists lecturing Christians about what they think the Bible says or should say. One of those however would be an atheist artist lecturing Christians in service of his political master’s dogma. Shepard Fairey barely deserves the title of artist. He’s the hack who designed the Obama “Hope” poster that helped usher in the Age of Obama. Fairey received two years’ probation and a $25,000 fine for contempt of court in a lawsuit related to that poster, which Read more […]

The Obama “O” vs. the Romney “R”

It is a sad testament to the superficiality of modern society that graphic design plays such a large role today in one of life’s most important arenas, that arena being politics. Politicians have always used imagery in their campaigns, usually a variation on the Stars and Stripes or red-white-and-blue motifs. But in 2008 we were witness to a drastic change in how presidential campaigns were run in this regard. Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama print was inescapable. You remember the one: the Read more […]