IRS Returns Stolen Money but Still Rips Off Victim and Goes Unpunished

When you return stolen money you should not claim to own the interest your received while you kept it in your possession. Here is a semi-positive update to the grand-theft story in North Carolina where government goons stole $108,000 from an honest businessman. Three reasons every person involved in this seizure—and their superiors—should be fired from their government jobs, and banned from the public sector for the rest of their lives: One: “U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker cited changes Read more […]

Sheriff Arrested For Defending Citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights

Recently, there have been groups of sheriffs from around the country banding together in their opposition to federal and state gun control efforts. They’re coming together and announcing that they won’t be enforcing any unconstitutional laws that pertain to people’s 2nd Amendment rights. CNS News had asked Jay Carney what he thought of sheriffs not complying with unconstitutional gun laws. He said that they’d better follow the law. Besides, there’s nothing unconstitutional about any Read more […]