Another Islamic Attack, Another Round of Denials

Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett was sitting in his patrol car late Thursday night when a man approached, looking like he was going to ask for directions. Instead, the man, identified as Edward Archer, pulled out a gun that had been stolen from police more than two years ago and opened fire, pumping about a dozen rounds into the driver side window. By some miracle, Hartnett survived despite taking multiple hits and was able to get out of his car and chase after the fleeing suspect, Read more […]

How the Security State Makes Us Easy Prey for Criminals

A Saint Louis robbery shows how national security policy at stadiums provides us as easy prey for the lawless. Missouri has concealed carry for those with a permit. But sports are a major activity in St. Louis. Thanks to the security state, the government basically gives criminals a happy hunting ground of unarmed potential victims. Anyone who drives into St. Louis and parks their vehicle to go to a game knows that he or she will have to go through a metal detector. Women aren’t even allowed Read more […]

A Gay, Black ‘Victim’ Shoots Two Straight, White Co-Workers Live on News

A homosexual, African-American former TV journalist who had been fired from his job two years ago took his revenge on two white co-workers Wednesday, live on the news. The two victims, WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, were reporting live on a feature story from a local waterfront building complex when suddenly multiple shots were fired, striking Parker as she fled and knocking over Ward, whose camera continued to record before the feed was returned to the television studio, Read more […]

No, Shooting The Man For Reaching For His Cane Was NOT Justified!

By now I suspect most of you have heard the story. From the Washington Post: A police officer in South Carolina shot a 70-year-old motorist who was reaching for a cane during a traffic stop because he thought the man was grabbing a rifle from the bed of his pickup truck, investigators said. The man was expected to survive. The York County deputy, Terrence Knox, pulled over Bobby Canipe (kah-NYP’) of Lincolnton, N.C., for an expired license tag about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday north of Clover, S.C., York Read more […]

Grand Jury: Tazing & Firing 12 Bullets To Kill Unarmed Innocent Is Not Voluntary Manslaughter

Will Griggs describes the killing of Jonathan Ferrell: At about 2:30 a.m. last September 14, Ferrell drove off an entrance road in a suburban neighborhood about 15 miles from Charlotte. (The coroner later found that his blood alcohol content was below the legal limit.) He went to a nearby home and knocked on the door in the hope of using a telephone. A woman inside the house, thinking that the large black man on her doorstep was trying to break into her home, called 911. After Kerrick and another Read more […]

Navy Shooter’s Drug Connection Ignored

With the media and politicians looking for something to blame for the Navy Yard shooting, the real cause may be getting overlooked. The media were quick to focus on the dreaded AR-15, the scary-looking “assault rifle” that every toddler can allegedly get his hands on — until it turned out the shooter, Aaron Alexis, hadn’t used an AR-15 but a shotgun, the kind of weapon Vice President Joe Biden recommend people buy for home defense. Marxist politicians like Sen. Dianne Feinstein are using the Read more […]

Shooting Victim: “Gun Control Would Not Have Saved Me Or Any Of My Classmates That Day”

On January 17, 1989, students arrived at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California like any other day.  They sat in their desks listening to the teachers and they ran and played outside on the playground during recess and lunch.  During the lunch period, a fire erupted in a van parked behind the school.  The fire soon caused the van to explode. The owner of the van, Patrick Purdy, then made his way behind a portable school building.  He took aim with his Type 56 assault rifle and Read more […]