Obamacare Provides Accessible Healthcare Just Like 2003

Accessible healthcare? No more than before, or worse. John Goodman spells it out at Forbes.com: By one estimate, 14 million people are newly insured because of the Affordable Care Act. In addition millions of others have more generous insurance, promising new benefits. So you might expect that doctors’ offices would be flooded with a host of new patients seeking more care than they had before. It’s not happening. To avoid the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, the recession, and the Read more […]

Socialism In Medicine Means Shortages of Medicine: “Secret VA List” Is An Example of the Inevitable

There is a rule for Veterans Affairs: when a veteran calls for an appointment he must be seen in two to four weeks. But this rule has nothing to do with reality. The reality is that there are only so many doctors with the funds that are available. If too many veterans call to see a doctor, they can’t follow the rule. People should be forced to acknowledge that the resources are inadequate to make the rule work. But that’s not how politics works. Politicians only want to hear from well-paid Read more […]

False Advertising And Doctor Shortages: Courtesy Of “Covered California” Obamacare

So your government has fantastically improved on the horrible experiences you were having with only medium overregulated health insurance (and graciously got that junk cancelled for you at no extra charge) by giving you a website so you could compare products—something we never got to do before, apparently. So now all you have to do is go to a website and see all your various options (if you are lucky enough to live where you have options). So now you go through the different plans and look at Read more […]

Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion: Millions Have Access To Doctor’s Waiting List… Forever

While most of Obamacare is a labyrinthine contrivance to avoid being socialized medicine (commonly known now by the odious euphemism “single payer”), the Medicaid component is pretty close to the real thing. In the case of Medicaid, the government pays for the medical care of some individuals. But they don’t pay a market price. Even more, they add to their payment structure complicated bureaucratic rules that doctors must follow. In a sense they are haggling with the doctors. They threaten Read more […]

More News On Obamacare Restricting And Reducing Access To Healthcare

We’ve mentioned before how top hospitals are not going to be included in Obamacare, and that the number of available doctors will be restricted for those purchasing a plan through the exchanges. New stories  are coming out to confirm what we told you. AP reports that New Yorkers are now finding that the local medical resources in that city have become off-limits to many of them. New Yorkers buying a health plan on the state’s new insurance exchange should read the fine print if they’re Read more […]

Obamarationing: ACA Enrollers Get To Pay Insurance For Less Care

I warned people about this in September and now it is happening. On NPR’s Weekend Edition, Fred Mogul reports, “So You Found An Exchange Plan. But Can You Find A Provider?” John Batteiger applied for insurance coverage on the New York State exchange. But after he’d selected a plan, he had second thoughts: He’d forgotten to check if the plan he picked included a hospital near him. Batteiger is 54 and healthy. But all things being equal, he figures, why not make sure his neighborhood hospitals Read more […]

The Media Bashes Suzanne Somers Because She’s Not Cool Like All The Pro-Obama Hollywood Snots

Suzanne Somers wrote a piece against Obamacare in the Wall Street Journal. Naturally, the media decides to take her apart. You should trust them because they were so careful to vet all of Obama’s promises about what the Affordable Care Act will be like. Somers, who married into a Canadian family, reports on what she has seen of the Canadian healthcare system—mainly a shortage of doctors. I’ve had an opportunity to watch the Canadian version of affordable health care in action with all its Read more […]