Obama Bans Contract Chaplains From Performing Services

Remember when one Park Service Employee stated that they received orders to make things as difficult for people as possible?  Now the Obama administration is using the government shutdown to deny our military service men and women their constitutional rights of freedom of religion. According to the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Service, USA, priests that are under contract or general schedule with the military have been banned from performing Mass, weddings, baptisms or Read more […]

Furloughed Government Shutdown Workers Get Paid Vacation

What does the federal government shutdown mean to the average hard-working American taxpayer? For that matter, what does it mean to any private sector American currently employed virtually anywhere in the country? If you’re like me; absolutely nothing! Have you even noticed the “shutdown”? Has it caused you any pain and suffering? I likely think not. Now I’m not completely devoid of feelings or empathy. I do feel bad that no-name government employees were furloughed. They went to work Read more […]

Shut It Down Some More

Well, Harry Reid and Barack Obama got what they wanted: a government shutdown that the media are blaming on Republicans, and Obamacare going into full operation. The big, bad shutdown that Obama, Reid and the rest of the Democrats have been using to scare low-information voters is finally here, settling in amid Obamacare’s wake. Obamacare’s what this is all about, of course. The Democrats and Obama couldn’t allow “The Legacy” to be stopped by a measly thing like defunding. So what if it’s going Read more […]

Prepare for 11th-Hour Cave by GOP Led By John Boehner

Is anyone as breathless as I am, wondering what John Boehner will do regarding next month’s continuing resolution battle? Will he or won’t he cave into Democrat and squishy Republican pressure or grow a spine and finally say no to excessive government spending and the funding of Obamacare? Oh, there’s a third option, which Republican leadership usually takes: Kick the can. Surprise! That is the option Boehner hinted at last Thursday. The Hill reported that Boehner “wants to push through Read more […]