Colorado Reaches for the Goal of Obamacare

The goal of Obamacare is reached by making healthcare less affordable. Economic ignorance, political superstition, and engineered desperation have reached a predictable endgame in Colorado. The Denver Post reports, “Colorado to vote on single-payer state health-care system.” Colorado voters will decide next year whether this state should be the first to pay for comprehensive health care for residents. Proponents of a single-payer state system gathered enough signatures to put ColoradoCare on Read more […]

Socialist Medicine Fails in Vermont

“Single-Payer” Healthcare is just a euphemism for socialist medicine. The Governor of Vermont has given up on it. I am sure I disagree with many things that Governor Peter Shumlin believes and does as the chief executive for the state of Vermont. He actually wanted socialist medicine and thought it would b e a blessing to the people of Vermont rather than a curse. To me, it is hard to understand how anyone could hold such an opinion without being certifiably delusional. But I actually Read more […]

Calling Colin Powell A RINO Is Too Insulting To RINOs

Is Colin Powell a RINO? He is certainly a Republican in name only. But if I call him a RINO I’ll start to feel guilty about other people whom I call “RINOs.” A lot of RINOs are professional politicians who would, to some extent, like to defeat Democrats for public office. But Powell wears the Republican name only for one reason—so he can promote liberal causes. Consider this lead sentence from USNews: At a prostate cancer survivors breakfast last week, former Secretary of State Colin Read more […]