USA Today Tries to Blame Ferguson Riots on Police Militarization

Anyone who reads this blog knows that we have a real problem with police militarization. We celebrate the few times that the police state is rolled back. Furthermore, if witness statements are true, then what happened to the shooting victim certainly seems to be an unjustified homicide. But USA Today’s attempt to blame the militarization of the police doesn’t make sense to me. The Pentagon might not have boots on the ground in Ferguson, Mo., where 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by Read more […]

Slate Jumps the Shark in Transanity

I don’t know how to comment on this. Here is how it begins: Imagine you are in recovery from labor, lying in bed, holding your infant. In your arms you cradle a stunningly beautiful, perfect little being. Completely innocent and totally vulnerable, your baby is entirely dependent on you to make all the choices that will define their life for many years to come. They are wholly unaware (at least, for now) that you would do anything and everything in your power to protect them from harm and keep Read more […]

Leftists Defend Barack Obama on Bowe Bergdahl: “Republicans Are Talking! Cover Your Ears!”

I have to admit, the outrage over Bowe Bergdahl made me wonder if there was some key piece of information was being left out of the equation. Did the Administration just trade Taliban leaders for a man who went AWOL? Well, now that I see responses from Gawker and Salon, I am pretty confident that there is no reason to fear. All they can say in response is that the testimony from fellow soldiers is being brought to the media by Republican strategists. Thus, we read in Gawker: Many soldiers Read more […]

Mozilla Purge: The Hypocrisy of Liberals Increases When They Accuse Conservatives of Hypocrisy

If you want to see how unaware and self-absorbed liberals are, take a look at Mark Joseph Stern’s “The Astonishing Conservative Hypocrisy Over Mozilla And The First Amendment” at Slate. I’ll skip to the heart of the matter first: Oddly, however, I don’t see defenders of Eich also criticizing the Boy Scouts for excluding gay men because the organization disagrees with their conduct and beliefs. Nor do I even see conservatives taking Mozilla’s rights as a private corporation seriously—a Read more […]

Colleges Do Not Get Immunity from the Bad Economy

Back when I worked at a college, I remember hearing some co-workers say that colleges do well during most recessions. That was a few years ago when the economy first took a dive. I’m not sure the claim has proven true this time around. As people suffer under a slower economy the idea of going into debt for a college degree looks less attractive. In response, we hear ideological assertions made by people representing “higher education.” Jordan Weissmann writes at Slate: I recently reported Read more […]

Supreme Court Says Verdict Before Trial: Grand Juries Can Destroy Your Ability To Defend Yourself

When Slate tells me a Supreme Court decision is “terrible” there is a fifty-fifty or better chance that I will think it is wonderful. After all, Slate is a Lefist (“progressive,” they would say) rag. So I would expect to rejoice in their bad news and grieve over their good news. Not this time. The Supreme Court has caused grief for all of us. The decision was about the evil and malignant practice of government plunder known as “asset forfeiture.” The idea behind this forfeiture is Read more […]

Slate Admits Education Is Not Worth It For Many Graduates

Of course, that’s not how they spun it. The headline is, “Raising The Floor, Not Just the Ceiling: To Reform Higher Ed, We Need A Federal Jobs Guarantee.” Probably the single best proposal for higher education isn’t a higher-education proposal at all. A federal job guarantee has moved from fringe economic proposal to mainstream consideration. A recent Rolling Stone article may be the general-awareness tipping point, but it isn’t a new idea. For years there has been a steady drumbeat for Read more […]

Global Warming Fundamentalists Will Not Let Freezing Evidence Shake Their Faith

Chris Mooney is working hard at Slate and HuffPo to convince readers that no mere winter storm polar vertex thing should shake their faith in Global Warming, nor any other instance of climate change scientists behaving like idiots.. Like most believers caught in a lie, he basically doubles down on arrogance and sneering. This works because he has chosen Donald Trump as his target (mentioning a few others after him), and most people assume that it is OK to feel intellectually superior to Trump. Read more […]

Liberals Admit: Obama’s Obamacare Rhetoric Is Making Republicans “Look Wise”

John Dickerson at Slate writes, “The president always had a tough time selling Obamacare. Now his weak assurances are making Republicans look wise beyond their years.” The article is pretty critical but it still includes a hefty load of nonsense. For example: In the summer of 2009, the president began to tailor his message to assuage these very people. If you liked what you had, it wasn’t going to change. That was a broad and simplified claim and the press called him on it. The president Read more […]

Journalist Virginia Heffernan Admits She’s a Creationist and Drives Evolutionists Crazy

In the midst of the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict, rioting, beatings, threats of violence, calls for “checking your white privilege,” and demands that we “give money to the Dream Defenders, to the Urban League, to the Southern Poverty Law Center … because racism is a natural disaster just like hurricanes and bombings and shootings are,” there’s a story going around about  journalist Virginia Heffernan who admits she’s a creationist. The liberal disdain for Virginia Heffernan Read more […]