Anti-Smoking Obamacare: Government Dogooderism At Its Incompetent Finest

Smoking is really bad for you. So naturally the government must discourage you from doing it. If you are an informed person, who still decides to smoke, then obviously information is not enough. Punishments and rewards must be implemented for you that are greater or more immediate than the market and health costs of smoking. Thus, Obamacare is probably the only practice that is actually permitted to change your risk pool. If you want to shoot yourself up with hormones and get a doctor to cut off Read more […]

Authoritarian Obamacare VS The Freedom To Enjoy Life’s Risks

“Your freedom is likely to be someone else’s harm.” So said one Daniel Callahan of the Hastings Center, a bioethics-research organization. He was referring to proverbial Paul’s poor health decisions, such as eating too much and smoking, having a deleterious affect on both Peter’s lungs and wallet One of the rarely spoken-of secondary effects of the government’s new involvement with virtually everybody’s health care, through Obamacare, is that the government now has a vested interest in all Read more […]

Lying Propaganda: You Are Better Off Dead

The headline says it all: “A sick world: We live longer, with more pain and illness.” Yes, poor, poor, better-fed, longer-living us. Let’s all have a pity party and then figure out how to return to the good old days. What is initially obvious simply from reading this story is that it doesn’t prove or even address the headline. There is no attempt made to prove that, in the past, we lived shorter lives with less pain and illness. There is good reason for the writer to ignore such a claim, Read more […]